Advance Business Amazon Course - Class 8
Start Date : 13 July 2017
End Date : 24 August 2017
Model : 14
Lesson : 111

From the first lesson, you know this is a complete course. Amazoop training will walk you step-by-step through setting up your seller account -researching products, finding helpful tools, and much more, with indispensable advice along the way, next class will star on

Tuesday July 13, 2017 in Boro Park

• How to create an Amazon account
• How to find products to sell on Amazon
• How to list products on Amazon
• How and when to create your own listing
• How to use FBA and increase sales
• How to deal with negative feedbacks
• How to increase your sales on Amazon
• How to avoid wasting money on products you can’t sell
• How to price your products so they sell fast -and still earn a profit

Includes access to Amazon membership video training of over 60 videos,
Step by step details to get you started in making money in the next 60 days

The basic training course is in a class of up to 15 people
In only 6 lessons, you will become a pro in selling items on Amazon
6 weeks live course will star on Tuesday July 13, 2017 in Boro Park

Live conferences ones a week to keep you up to date and support for 6 months

The price is $3900 for the Amazon Course