Advance Business Amazon Course - Online Class - Summer Class
Start Date : 24 August 2017
End Date : 05 October 2017
Model : 12
Lesson : 89

From the first lesson, you know this is a complete course. Amazoop training will walk you step-by-step through setting up your seller account -researching products, finding helpful tools, and much more, with indispensable advice along the way, This is a online class on 8/10/2017 online only

• How to create an Amazon account
• How to find products to sell on Amazon
• How to list products on Amazon
• How and when to create your own listing
• How to use FBA and increase sales
• How to deal with negative feedbacks
• How to increase your sales on Amazon
• How to avoid wasting money on products you can’t sell
• How to price your products so they sell fast -and still earn a profit

Includes access to Amazon membership video training of over 80 videos,
Step by step details to get you started in making money in the next 60 days

In only 6 lessons, you will become a pro in selling items on Amazon
6 weeks replay course will star on 8/10/2017 online only

Live conferences ones a week to keep you up to date and support for 6 months

The price is $3900 for the Amazon Course new $1200