Sucess Stories

My name is David and I am from Williamsburg. Before taking Class 1, I was very unsure of myself. Over and over again I kept asking myself, “Will I succeed here or am I just wasting my time and money?” It wasn’t till after that first class that I really felt confident. I was convinced that I really could do this.

I began, following all the steps I was taught and I worked hard, buying from China and selling on Amazon. Weeks later I was running my own Amazon account and quickly moved products. Now, hopefully, within the next few months I will buy more products and increase my sales on Amazon. Thanks to the Amazoop strategy, I will be able to take products and move up my Amazon listings with “best seller ranks.”

If you are thinking about taking this class but are still a bit nervous, take it from me and go for it. You won’t be sorry! There’s no need to worry over not knowing what to do. You will have support from Rabbi Fishel and other team members, including the Amazoop community, and soon your confidence will grow.  



Willliamsburg Class 1



My name is Tzvi and I am from Lakewood.

My first class was an eye-opener. Wow, I couldn’t believe I was hearing so much information, yet I was really absorbing all of it. I went home that first night after class and I told my wife I think I just hit the jackpot. This is amazing!

My wife was skeptical, but after seeing me so upbeat and confident she soon became my partner. Immediately after I began I saw unbelievable success. I was being helped from above.

It’s been three months now, and I have virtually tripled my investments. I am now buying products and selling them faster than I could have ever imagined. My Amazon listings rank as “best seller”.

I now think back, “What if I wouldn’t have taken these classes, where would I be now?”

Thank you, Amazoop!                                                                                 



 Lakewood, NJ Class1



My name is Binyomin. When I went into this Amazoop class I took my father along. I wasn’t getting into this unless he approved it. My father was so inspired from just the first two classes; he made up his mind to put aside all other business prospects and invest all his time and effort into this, together with me.

We finally finished all the classes and now work together, buying from China and selling on Amazon, and are a great team. When we have questions about anything, we can post them on the Amazon Community Forum and will get quick answers.

This has really been a great experience and worthwhile opportunity for us. I believe anyone who goes to these classes will be equally impressed- not only with the classes, but with the results!



Boro Park, Class 2